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23Backend / CoreFeature RequestMediumLowVideo/Written TutorialsNew
0.3.1 Task Description

Create tutorials explaining the process to generate presets in VST Preset Generator.

Also a video tutorial is needed.

35Backend / CoreBug ReportMediumMediumChange random method for all parameters does not set de...New
0.3.1 Task Description

When clicking on buttons to change the random method for all parameters, the values from previous action are kept.

The expected behavior is to get default value, except for the yellow “Everything random” button.

To reproduce:
- load a plugin
- change the value of a parameter, for instance min: 0.5
- click on “set normal method to all” (the red icon)
- click on “set uniform method to all” (the blue icon)
- the min value is 0.5, instead of the default value (0.0)

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